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Who we are:

​SWE is an organization dedicated to creating a space for women and gender minorities in Yale's engineering department. Between our connections with national SWE, the graduate Yale SWE chapter, and other professional affinity groups on campus, we strive to make engineering a welcoming place for all.

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Creating a community for female engineers is extremely important to our organization. Through events such as our annual Ginger Bread House Decorating Competition, study breaks, and mentorship opportunities, we hope to create a space for friendship and support within the engineering department.

SWE prides itself on being an excellent resource for students interested in pursuing all fields of engineering. Our annual Senior in Engineering Panel is one way that we help provide guidance and professional development to our members. We also partner with companies who can become great resources for future employment as well as help give feedback and advice on how to approach an engineering career path.

​While it is important to address gender inequality within engineering at the college level, it is also important to address the root of the issue. This year we are expanding our organization to work with students at a younger age in the hopes of inspiring young girls to pursue careers in engineering.

One of our best resources is our National, Local, and Graduate SWE Chapters that provide an endless supply of resources including scholarships, mentorship, resume databases, and speakers. Every year, we also send a group of students to the National SWE Conference. 

Event and Initiative Highlights

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