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Student Projects.

YUUA Tensegrity Rover Project

YUAA (or the Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association) is the largest undergrad engineering organization here at Yale! This year, there are a variety of opportunities to get involved, from building rockets to constructing satellites. 

SWE member Melanie Landesberg is looking for new people to join her project, the Tensegrity rover! On this project, you will help design, construct, and build this special kind of robot in order to compete in robotics/aerospace competitions at the end of the year. This is a small team with lots of ways to get involved and take ownership of parts of the project. 

Please email

if interested!

Jobs & Internships 


Second-Order Effects is an engineering consultancy based in El Segundo, California. Founded in 2016, we provide technical consultation, electrical design, product development, and testing services for clients across multiple industries.

If interested, contact and and tell them you heard about their internship/job opportunities from a CEID student, Elizabeth Olshanetsky.


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